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Scientific American on May 2, 2008 in the news, “A Silver Coating in the Fight against Microbes”.

The New York Times on April 9, 2008 in Technology Innovation, “Harnessing Biology, and Avoiding Oil, for Chemical Goods”.

Prof. John featured in ‘Mathrubhumi’, National Newspaper, India on March 09, 2008.
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Research - Molecular Gels and Drug-Delivery

Molecular gels and drug-delivery. The self-assembly of low molecular weight building blocks into nanoscale molecular objects has recently attracted considerable interest in terms of the bottom-up fabrication of soft nanomaterials. We have successfully demonstrated the utility of biomass-derived surfactants for assembled soft materials with intriguing structures and functions, using biocatalytic approach coupled with principles of green and supramolecular chemistry. The soft materials developed (e.g: molecular gels) showed unprecedented drug-delivery capabilities in vitro with highly hydrophobic drugs. This motivated us to address a new design strategy and concept to deliver the drug and a complementary drug together, from a self-assembled, and a self-releasing lipid membrane, by enzyme catalysis.

Related Publications:

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